Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★½

Look at my knees.

Aw yeah, cinema's back in full swing, baby. I plead the fifth when being asked on how I watched this movie. As I was expecting going into it, it's not very good. Way too bare-bones, if you're going to have a group of characters or even a central character going through something as simple as what happens in the film, you still need to give them some bit of investment for the audience to cling onto. Monster Hunter having little meat to its cinematic bones is easily its greatest weakness, and that shine through with its writing, or lack thereof in places where it should be important. That said, I almost felt tempted to give it a like regardless. For now, I'll hold off on it, but I could change my mind. I can say this much about the film: One, I was never bored with it. It all moves along pretty smoothly, sometimes benefiting from the same stripped structure that damages it. Two, and you may have to really take my word on this, the film's aesthetics aren't that bad. I liked the music quite a bit, the special effects are decent, and despite having a bit too many cuts in certain moments, the action is serviceable. For mostly mindless films released recently, you could absolutely do worse, and it's nowhere near the worst video game film you're going to find. Also, Tony Jaa, cool guy.


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