Pig ★★★

And now, listen. And now, repeat.

I couldn't decide if "What if Kenneth Anger made Saw?" or "What if Kenneth Anger made Begotten?" fit better, so good news, you get to see both. Something I more respect for how scuzzy and gross it is than something I can say I actually liked. That being said, for being clearly very low budget "torture porn", it's intriguing. Just enough information to feel like you have an understanding of the perpetrator, yet enough ambiguity that you start thinking things on your own. Though there are other shorts like it I've enjoyed more, it hitting that sweet spot makes it worthwhile to its certain audience. I find it funny but enlightening that when I first started my account on Letterboxd, if you showed me Pig, I probably would've given it one star or even a half star and said something to insult the abilities of the filmmakers. Call it change, call it desensitization, call it whatever you want to, I have to say that I am in some morbid way happy that I can watch a character get his own blood dripped on him in some shack in the middle of the desert, and my overall response to it can be summed as "That was neat!"


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