Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

The truth is totally amazing, but you can't ever reach it.

How most folks feel about Roma, that's how I feel about Y Tu Mama Tambien. A perfectly imperfect capsule of rambunctious youth. The acting is beyond words, Maribel Verdu in particular giving an impossibly amazing performance. The cinematography from my boy Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubeski shines. Not as wonderful as his work in Children of Men, but like, what is as good as his work in Children of Men? Chivo has this unique thing for narrative movies he does where the camera is made out to be an overt entity in the world of the film. It plays with the idea that there is a person behind it, and for the sake of the story, that person is you.

Something that strongly stuck out to me on this second viewing, and I'll try not to get into the more spoiler-filled aspects of it, is the ending. It's melancholic, and unquestionably breaks your heart a little, but it doesn't destroy your soul. It's another very likely part in the life of anyone, regardless of your place in the world. People have to move on. Youth is temporary. If your life continues beyond a certain point, in a handful of ways, you have to grow up. You can't smoke blunts, down beers, and fuck girls forever. It hurts, but it's life. At the absolute least, you will always have the memories. Even the worst memories can have their own charm to them with time. As the old saying goes, sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone. When you have the time to be free, use up every minute.

I adore this movie in any number of ways. I'll be intrigued to see if my views on the film change as time passes. I'm at the current age where I relate to Tenoch and Julio, but maybe a couple of decades down the line, I'll watch it and connect more with Luisa. Regardless of whatever occurs, I'm almost certain this will always remain a film I love. Alfonso Cuaron is able to dig into a vulnerable and deeply empathetic aspect of humanity that few other filmmakers and storytellers in general can. If you've yet to see Y Tu Mama Tambien, it's on Netflix, so give yourself away like the sea.


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