The Elephant and the Butterfly

The Elephant and the Butterfly ★★★★

Watching this was really refreshing because it was nothing but cute. Set in the Wallonia part of Belgium, Drôle de Père is heartwarming and perfect for those days where you want to mindlessly go about your business, but enjoy a good movie while doing so. No intense drama, nothing too sad or depressing, just 95 minutes of purity. 

That’s not to say that it lacked in complexity, it definitely had its moments (clearly, as it’s about an estranged father/daughter relationship). I really wanted to find out more about Camille and Antoine’s relationship: Why did it end? Why did Antoine show up out of the blue and all of a sudden now wants to be in Elsa’s life? I feel like some answers weren’t addressed...

I’m a sucker for silky landscape montages, so this was right up my ally. Was it perfect? No. Was it worth my time? Indeed.