Ex Machina

Ex Machina ★★★★½

I can definitely see how this would affect everyone differently, but to me, i found it to be incredible. It feels like a blend of Her and Arrival , (two films i adore) as they are thematically similiar.

The visuals are stunning, the amazing score sets the tone perfectly and the plot is so fascinating and engaging. Not to mention the phenomenal performances; not only from Alicia Vikander, but Oscar Isaac and Domhal Gleeson too. I had no idea how this would play out, and i was hooked from the first second. Yes, it explores themes we have seen before, but it's executed so well and it's pacing is near perfect. Although i do have some minor issues with this, i pretty much loved every second of it; truly an impressive debut from Alex Garland.

And yes, i am going to give it a 1/2 star extra because of Oscar Isaac and his dance moves.

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