Drunken Master ★★★½

"Wisdom begins in wonder and ends in a blackout."

I had a lot of fun with Drunken Master. While not, by any definition, the deepest and most unique picture ever made, Drunken Master, delivers in nearly every area it aims to hit. The action is exceptionally well-staged and performed by the colourful and memorable cast of characters which makes for, at any given time, an enjoyable and entertaining ride.

So far as flaws, I found this one falter a little bit in pacing and very much so in story.  There is not a lot of plot here and, while I enjoy the themes and characters well enough, there are any number of times during the runtime that I can imagine audiences checking out somewhat. Still, whenever the action tears its head in (it does frequently), I am sure people will be fairly shaken awake. 

Stray note: The copy of this film that I watched featured a mix of English and Cantonese dubbing which made for an odd viewing experience. 

Drunken Master is a fun, kung-fu romp. Not what I would call an important or essential viewing but an entertaining one at worst.

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