In the Mood for Love ★★½

“Why did you call me at the office today?”
“I had nothing to do. I wanted to hear your voice.”

In concept, In The Mood For Love is brilliant. The premise, the characters, the conversations, everything is just top notch in theory. Where it falls apart is purely in the realisation. For one thing, the pacing is uncertain. This is a remarkably short watch and yet I had no sense at all of where the film was at and how we got there when I was watching it. This could be a positive comment if this feeling came from unpredictability and absorption in the material but it instead stems from a total lack of connection to what is going on and a general sense of boredom waiting for the story to kick into gear. 

In The Mood For Love is a fine film with no technical flaws but I think that might be really what kills it for me. Being proficient does not inherently lead to memorable quality.