Purple Rain ★★

“Let me give you a piece of advice, junior: your music makes sense to no one... but yourself.”

Purple Rain delivers in a lot of areas. The music is exceptional, the spectacle is eye-catching and even the performances only range from wildly entertaining to passable. The only thing it is distinctly lacking is a plot. This could be considered a very vital element however. 

Prince’s debut feature film attempts to portray and handle a number of mature and difficult topics of subject matter but ultimately fails to convey any of them with the appropriate maturity or depth. The abuse plot seems to be handled in pretty bad taste by the end of the film and leaves a sour taste in the mouth which is a shame because it is clear that the intent is good. 

Purple Rain looks gorgeous, I want to buy up Prince’s entire wardrobe, and the musical numbers are a joy to behold but this is ultimately a mixed bag of a finished product and something I can only comfortably recommend to obsessive music buffs and Prince completists. 

P.S. The first sex scene with Prince is wildly uncomfortable to sit through.