Parasite ★★★½

The subtext is terrific and beautiful, at least from a level of intent. The superficial movie surface execution of genre blending is terrific and beautiful. I was drawn in from start to finish. Yet, the film itself lacked some emotionally grounded core. Needless to say, the systemic nature of capitalism does not have time for any emotions, would be a good reply to that. But then the film lacked a bit of a vibrant brooding resistance energy to its entire satire all the way through, something that Sorry to Bother You from last year gave off well enough.

Letterboxd's darling film at the moment, in terms of its overall rating, but I'm just not having any of that. Bong Joon Ho is quite the overrated director when it comes to the Letterboxd community if I must allow myself to say so. He has the eye for style that's for sure, but as of yet I have not gotten any real substance from him.

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