Blinded by the Light

Blinded by the Light ★★

Aside from the personal reasons this film didn't work for me (which we'll get into), Blinded by the Light isn't good on account of the fact it feels cheap, generic and pretty boring. It's clunky in writing and choppy in execution. But there are aspects I did enjoy (Rob Brydon being a particular highlight) and there is admittedly charm to be found (+ I liked some of the thematic presence)...

But why this film didn't work for me was not because of the shoehorned musical numbers or the cheesiness but how it handled its Pakistani characters to observe said themes - as a Pakistani boy myself. There's one thing to play into stereotypes and then there's another to make a joke of them. This film dials it all to 11 for the purpose of comedy or melodrama in a way that honestly feels quite tactless and lazy. I didn't grow up in the 80s so I imagine some of it is indicative of the time and I have to say that I did relate to some aspects of the family. But I do just think it was poorly handled and without much care; the characters didn't quite sit right with me in a way that felt personal despite being unable to quite put my finger on why. There is also the fact this is a mainstream film primarily for white audiences so they won't see it as much. But it bothered me quite a bit seeing how it wrote its characters as this is "representation" for me and I've seen other films handle it better - and this could have done so too. It's not that it's bad or offensive by any means. It's just not very considerate which sucks.

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