The Dark Knight ★★★★★

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Anyway, let’s review The Dark Knight!

I know it’s the most cliché film you could possibly pick but The Dark Knight is I think my favourite film of all time (it’s between that and The Lord of the Rings trilogy). 

When I first saw this film it completely blew me away and made me change my opinion on what a superhero movie could and should be. It wasn’t some fun adventure story largely aimed at kids or with that pulpy comic book tone to it. Instead it felt like a heavyweight action film with crime, thriller, heist and drama elements and a lot of exploration of its main themes from corruption to where does Bruce Wayne draw the line?

It’s crazy to think now that in a film starring Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Maggie Gyllenhaal, they’d all be COMPLETELY outshone by Heath Ledger as The Joker. But low and behold, even 13 years later that performance hasn’t been topped and The Dark Knight hasn’t either. 

I could talk about this film for hours but really what can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s thrilling, thematically rich, has a tonne of great action sequences, brilliant performances including one of the best ever put to screen, a brilliant soundtrack, constantly-moving cinematography and assured direction. What more could you want from a film?

The fact that the 4th highest rated film on IMDb is a Batman movie speaks VOLUMES about the quality of The Dark Knight, as does the fact I watch it at least every few months and have done since 2008. 

It’s endlessly entertaining from the opening scene to the last and is still the superhero film to beat, despite the fact we’ve had 6 or 7 every year since. In all honesty, I can’t imagine it ever being matched by another comic book film. 

The only tiny flaw I have with it is that Gotham doesn’t feel as defined as it did in Batman Begins, but I think if it did it would take away from how real and grounded this one feels, so I see why Nolan decided not to match the aesthetic of the first one.