Dirty Dancing ★★

Growing up, it felt like every girl my age was obsessed with this movie. I never totally got the obsession and I guess I still don't. Though I suppose there's the obvious. It's very erotic for a PG-13 movie. No nudity but only barely. Lots of close-ups of Grey and Swayze's various parts as they sweatily caress each other in very little clothing. If you're looking for a compelling plot to go along with the groping and grinding, you're out of luck. It's one of those movies where the conflict hinges on characters inexplicably not saying the thing that would easily clear everything up. It's maddening. Then the ending rolls around and Swayze says "Nobody puts baby in a corner," which is even more hilarious in context than out of it, and they dance to an '80s song even though the movie is set in the '60s. It's not great.