I love old films, and I watch a lot of them. Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood, Al Pacino, and Montgomery Clift mean a lot to me.

Favorite films

  • Ordinary People
  • Yentl
  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • The Heiress

Recent activity

  • Remember the Night


  • Kitty Foyle


  • No Man of Her Own


  • Dance, Girl, Dance


Recent reviews

  • Kitty Foyle

    Kitty Foyle


    For a little bit of the film's runtime, I didn't understand the relatively low Letterboxd average. Then as the film progressed and progressed I completely understood. I mostly enjoyed Kitty Foyle, but there are a multitude of problems throughout. I think with several (and I mean several) rewrites this could have been a really fantastic film.

    Ginger Rogers is quite good, so I understand her Oscar win, but this definitely is a "watch for the performance" kind of film. Her…

  • No Man of Her Own

    No Man of Her Own


    Barbara Stanwyck's narration throughout No Man of Her Own was some of the best narration in film. It truly felt like someone's thoughts, and worked well to get the viewer feeling on the edge. The whole film does something to make the viewer feel "off." (I can't exactly explain what, however.) I love when films evoke a feeling through imagery, movement, and strong direction.

    There are some issues I have with the pacing of this, but nothing too major. I…

Popular reviews

  • Paris When It Sizzles

    Paris When It Sizzles


    The letterboxd rating for Paris When It Sizzles is criminally low. This is such a silly movie mocking other movies and I love it so much.

    William Holden and Audrey Hepburn are absolutely amazing together in this and carry the film very well. Holden plays screenwriter Richard Benson who procrastinated writing his screenplay for weeks so he hires secretary Gabrielle Simpson, played by Hepburn, to help.

    Every time Richard described a character that looked just like a certain celebrity I…

  • Midnight



    Midnight is one of those movies that makes zero sense and that's what makes it work perfectly. There is a great balance of heart and humor throughout the entire runtime. Some moments/lines aren't the best but you can't expect a perfect film in a modern context from 1939.

    I feel like this is a great movie to go in not knowing really anything about the plot. Every turn is a wonderful surprise. Don Ameche was super charming too--I knew I'd…