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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie angers me so much in the best way.

This movie can be seen as a very cliche revenge-thriller-comedy romantacised to the max, but what this movie actually does and quite beautifully I might add, is disguise itself as such.

This movie makes you feel comfortable, until it isn’t. The visuals, the music, the “bad b*tch” kind of character makes you immediately feel like you’ve seen this before, like this is just another feminist movie trying to be out there. and then, as you keep watching it you realize that these themes although wraped in a beautiful and predictable pacakage are actually making you feel something real. You realize how complicated the character of Cassie really is- Cassie gave her name up when Nina lost hers. We meet her in a very dark state of mind, she is no longer a person, she is a representation of all those “promising young women” that are gone, not necessarily dead, but gone, erased by the trauma resides inside them because of society.

The choise to kill Cassie, and the way it was portrayed, as real and morbid as it gets, is like seeing her name literally vanish infront of our very eyes as her body lays there, we can’t even see her face. Looking at her drifting away, while Al and his friend are doing the exact same thing they did before- Regard it as an accident just so they can keep they’re facade of “promising young men”, of “good guys”. The root of the problem is how accepted it is to look at these situations as “a dumb mistake” when the consequences are forever and at times fatal even.

And yes, I think the effect of her death is not as great after watching the ending... the impact of it definitely dies down a little bit as we get that “gotcha!” twist in the end.
But I’m not that mad about it! Because even if the whole turn of events would die down without anyone knowing what actually happened, it’ll be damaging all the same. Now these guys are stuck knowing what they did, if it’s while serving time or just going about their lives- The names of Nina & Cassie will always hunt them and keep reminding them of their gross nature.

(UGHHH god I have so much thoughts about this film and I can’t put it all into words so I’ll end this by saying that Bo And Carey KILL this performance!!!)

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