Shockproof ★★★

As soon as Jenny gets out of prison having served 5 years for murder, she gets herself a new outfit and has her hair dyed blonde. If her intention was to use her feminine wiles on her new parole officer Griff, it works... big time.

Although the first thing Griff does is to give her a list, as long as her arm, of things she's not allowed to do, including getting married and not consorting with the man for whom she committed the murder, it's not long before she's hooking up with that very man. And what's more they get picked up in a bookie's joint, all of which should see her kicked swiftly back up the river for life.

But Griff is an old softie. He lets her off the hook and finds her a nice cosy job as a live-in helper for an old blind lady. And it just so happens that the old lady is Griff's mother and the house is the very same one where Griff still lives.

All of which I'm pretty sure is fairly inappropriate behaviour, particularly for a by the numbers parole officer who has ambitions towards public office. And why would he be doing all this? Well, if you haven't guessed it's because he's fallen in love with her and before you know it, they're getting married, even though it's strictly against the rules.

What happens next charts his decline as she shoots her ex in order to keep their secret just that and rather than turn her in they're off on the run, forgetting all about his poor dear old blind mother.

It's all a bit too obvious and it's a bit of a stretch to believe that Griff would fall for her so quickly and to such devastating effect. And if you agree that this is all a bit too much to swallow, just wait til the ending.

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