I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★★★½

Ah this was gonna be 5 stars for almost the entire thing...

So I really loved it. I haven't read other reviews or anything about it. I can't claim to understand it. I know that I instinctively felt like I understood it and related to it. I felt very connected to the story and the feelings in it and the sense of displacement on these "trips to meet your significant other's family." I've had nightmare experiences in those strange houses in the middle of nowhere too. So this really spoke to me.

I was really impressed by the vision and directing of this. Incredibly subtle (and extremely bold) acting choices throughout, almost in every moment. Visuals that were so ultra specific in terms of the composition of the frame, where your eye is meant to look, where your eye is meant to just miss something. Fantastic sound design. Production design. This film starts messing with your mind. I had to rewind one moment because I thought I saw something but it turned out I didn't: I was under the films spell and starting to lose it.

I'm not sure I liked where it all went in the end, but for most of this I was completely enthralled.

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