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  • Freddy vs. Jason

    Freddy vs. Jason


    “Do you want to hear a scary story?”

    “Do I?”

    “Um... do you?”


    “So, there’s this disabled kid...”

    “This isn’t scary.”

    “It gets scary, so there’s this kid...”

    “What’s wrong with him?”

    “He’s disabled.”

    “That’s... not a thing.”

    “He’s sort of lumpy.”

    “You’re a terrible person.”

    “...and he drowns.”

    “A terrible, terrible person.”

    “Then his mum comes back and kills all the kids that were responsible for this death, then they kill her.”

    “Okay, getting better.”

    “Then one of…

  • A Field in England

    A Field in England


    There are a few theories about how many stories there really are. Eight is a popular ballpark: Achilles, Romeo and Juliet, and... some other ones. I’d argue there’s only really one, and it’s this: people change.

    So, A Field in England is deliberately weird and obtuse. People come back from the dead, all the damn time. They act nonsensically. A major character is pulled on screen in a tug of war competition. It should be deeply irritating, frankly.

    But amidst…