Jennifer's Body ★★★★

Jennifer's Body totally fucks.

It's a difficult to grasp yet totally effective piece of feminist entertainment because it's thesis proffers two opposing ideas. In fact, it's the two opposing ideas that all people who identify as women are forced to hold in their heads at one time. It is the reason women can righteously rage against men like Harvey Weinstein and joyously shake their asses to music with wild, misogynist lyrics. It is the reason Laura Palmer actively seeks out increasingly sketchy locales with grimy men (okay OKAY she also does that because she's suffered terrible abuse, but JESUS, that sort of proves my point also!) We simply must do what we want, even though we—society—hate women. We must! If we don't we are not alive girls. Live Girls. So to live, we must be both hated (by men and by ourselves, as we are taught) AND we must do whatever we want, regardless. The world can be a violent, terrifying place to be an alive woman. In this movie, Jennifer is living. And she is punished for it.

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