Suicide Squad ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

-The one Latino character actually contributes to the plot, even though for the other 90% of the movie he's a walking stereotype (and his final transformation thingy... :V )
-Viola Davis is a badass, and spends most of the movie being a badass, even though she's the entire reason everything goes wrong in the first place..?
-Katana gets to be a badass even though she comes out of nowhere and gets 30 seconds of backstory
-Batman just shows up and gets to be Batman in what little screentime he has
-Will Smith just being Will Smith
-Margot Robbie, just...yeah

-WHAT is the actual plot of this movie?? Why are they being assembled? What are they trying to solve? A problem they created themselves?? Why does anything happen at all?
-Why doesn't Batman just save everything or help out at all?
-Why is it edited like a music video half the time? Why do we need onscreen graphics to explain everything..?
-How is June Moon (??) a Dr. of archaeology if she's like 19 years old?
-Why is the Joker in this at all? He does nothing, contributes nothing to the plot, so what's the point of him being in this besides the movie needing someone to do a bad Heath Ledger impression? And why does he dress like a pimp?
-Why was Jai Courtney there at all? What's his purpose/power? To stand around and be Australian/drink Monster energy drinks?
-The musical cues were toooo on the nooose, like if I wrote a movie in high school these are the exact songs I'd use... Sympathy for the Devil, that's never been in a movie before?
-Why isn't this whole movie just Katana tearing people to bits?
-Can Joel Kinnaman show any more range besides "brooding" and "angry brooding"?

This is just a big, loud, dumb, flashy, violent comic book movie that I'd think I'd have liked more if it didn't think its audience was stupid. I guess I'm not the target audience for this, but whatever, I don't understand Snapchat either.

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