Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter

there seems to be a massive disconnect between how an audience actually feels about a film and how they think they feel about a film. there was a couple next to me at the cinemas and the entire time they were smiling and laughing - having a grand ol' time - only for one of them to say to the other at the end of the film, "oh my god why was that so bad". still laughing, mind you.

if a film brings you that much enjoyment, how is it bad? this weird notion of excluding personal enjoyment in film criticism implies that there is an objective standard of measure that a film can be judged with, which in 2021 i hope we all know is a load of rubbish.

if a movie gives you a great time - it doesn't suck!!! jesus christ!! if you enjoyed it just say you enjoyed it!! too many people try way too fucking hard to defend themselves for liking a film that doesn't fit within their "quality measurement" paradigm and it's bullshit lol

if you enjoyed a movie, it is good (to you, and that is all that will ever matter). ppl really need to let go and just embrace what they like. have fun my g

oh and...this movie is awesome and is for people with massive biceps and brains 💪💪💪💯💯💯💯