Constantine ★★★★

Let’s get this out of the way, Keanu Reeves was a poor John Constantine, however, this John Constantine that he played that is a character in the 2005 film Constantine? Supreme. On its own it’s a very good, entertaining film, but Keanus presence adds a nice flavour.

A Hellblazer movie is pretty easy to be entertaining, the source material is amazing and it’s full of unique takes on existing religions and mythologies and this film has a lot of that kind of stuff in spades. It’s more supernatural thriller, with becomes a big action film towards the end and I wish it played more on the horror.

Seeing young fresh faced Shia as Chas was fun, he had a good handle on the young Shia shtick here, dude was a natural early on. Hope we get to see him as Captain Nazi in a Suicide squad movie eventually, it’s perfectly in line with the amazing troll he’s become.

This is a movie that’s aged really well, it’s probably the best thing solid journeyman Francis Lawrence has ever made, and his career is pretty damned good. Its a shame it got overshadowed by the other DC movie of 2005 because this one deserved to get its chance at sequels just as much. Hopefully Keanu shows up in the Flash multiverse film then.

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