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  • Mainstream


    New and old media collide in Gia Coppola's off-the-mark critique of a changing industry. Her precious romanticisation for a bygone Hollywood industry stagnates her biased opinion of contemporary influencer culture. It all comes off as fake, cringe, and unbalanced. Gia isn't the one to be telling these stories (aka Network for zoomers). She wants Hollywood's silverscreen to win the war over the black mirror of the internet. Burn Hollywood burn!

    p.s. Dev Haynes is dead to me.

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat

    Probably the daftest movie I've seen in a while but also kinda fun. A couple dopey video games nods kept me entertained. One scene involving one fighter spamming a leg sweep attack on another had me in fits of laughter. Give us more of that and less of the dry seriousness. Let the campiness run wild.

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  • The Living Room

    The Living Room

    A terrific yet befuddling sitcom-cum-art-installation piece that predates Adult Swim’s internet ‘lol so random’ artistic output. It is bizarre, to say the least, as Snow is testing audiences concentration and patience. However, something about it was electric for me from the colour blocks to rough computer animation trickery.

    The short also predates current meme culture that left me curious how 4chan never picked up something that is so strange and stupid on the surface yet utterly playful. Or how no…

  • Tenet


    Having peaked a decade ago with the likes of Inception (despite lifting ideas and imagery from numerous other media), Tenet is a clear example that Christopher Nolan is in full regression. It's ironic that with Tenet Nolan has seemingly come full circle with his filmography. Yet the film is a half-hearted product Warner Bros fumbled to the finish line. Ultimately, it appears Nolan has fallen flat on his face (only this time in reverse). Tenet could be a cry from…