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  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    (Watched the directors cut)

    Ultimate anti-film. After managing to piss off critics and dedicated fans alike; Rob Zombie goes even further into his vision of Michael Myers. Tossing out every supposed rule book on making a conventional horror sequel. 

    Everything in this film looks beautiful, the 16mm shots look so good and Zombie turns Haddonfield into a bleak ghost town. Acting is on point and I personally love Loomis’ character arc in this one. Much better than the 1981 Halloween…

  • Thief



    I can see my money is still in your pocket, which is from the yield of my labour.

    The American Dream as a commodity. Without a doubt one of the most stylish films ever made; elevated by that perfect Tangerine Dream score. James Caan is the coolest dude to ever exist.