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  • Husbands



    loses half a star because of how upset i am right now! my friend said “this should be on the guys being dudes list” and i want to shut that down right now because the first part of the guys being dudes vine from which the list gets its name is “what’s better than this?” and let me tell you!! there’s much better than going through a bout of grief so intense that it turns the whole squad into demons

    loved it, might not watch ever again

  • S.W.A.T.



    the pacing of this movie is a goddamn nightmare and the cop worship is a little much BUT, colin ferrell is an absolute dreamboat which is worth a lot when it comes to reviewing a film.

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  • Tenet



    real “fuck it” vibes!!!! i love when a movie is gorgeous and filled with hot people and great set pieces and straight up demands that you don’t try to think of the logic!

    in my head christopher nolan was like, i’m going to make a movie that demands the audience to think about the fact that they’re watching a movie the whole time. brecht is shaking. 

    you know that scene in network where beatrice straight says “here we are, going…

  • The Family Stone

    The Family Stone


    this five star ranking is not about the quality of the movie but about the fact that it makes me feel good and safe and i watch it every winter. i almost always cry at the end but this time i really sobbed?? please do not ask if i am “ok” bc obviously i am not