Batman Begins

Batman Begins ★★★★★

An epic, eloquent and sophisticated beginning to one of the greatest trilogies of all time. Nolan's imagining of the tortured vigilante is complete, confidently constructed and meticulously dished up to the audience. Using a gritty, grounded neo-noir feel, Nolan builds the icon element by element, establishing his rigid ideals of justice, truth and decency with accuracy and intensity. Crime is an almost involuntary impulse from the desperate and greedy, seldom one and the same. Evil runs rampant until the good act, instilling modernized visions of justice and morality through brutally handed down verdicts of right and wrong. It's a simplistic reflection of modern incarnations of fear, but one that works, feels relevant in it's sincere delivery. Nolan reminded us why superheroes still matter, born from the desperate people, visions of hope and the virtuous life out of despair, misery and injustice. Batman was and is a broken, second-hand second-coming, a reflection of the society that imagined him. Batman Begins tweaks the hero just enough that he feels at home in the 21st century, not at all figure for escapism but rather a catalyst for real consideration of our times, those we deem heroes and those we feel fall short. This is an origin story done right, perfectly tied to it's actual narrative resulting in a story that is both rousing and meaningful, a shining example of what superhero cinema can be.

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