Suicide Squad ★★★

Suicide Squad really is a disaster of a film. The villain's motivations are barely conveyed, if at all. Several performers are woefully miscast. Certain characters are terribly confined to racial stereotypes. The humor, a major piece of the film, really falls flat much of the time. Structurally it's a mess, and it's hardly a movie if you're looking strictly at the storytelling and character arcs, if there are any. Motivations are unbelievable, and the plot holds up to little scrutiny.

But still, I find myself enjoying this film, somewhat. Certain parts, notably three scenes, are aces. I like some of the casting, and multiple visual touches work very well. Ayers' grasp on this is flimsy, but in that chaos and weirdness, there's something intriguing to be seen. I've said it many times and I'll say it many more, DC is trying. Striving to find their voice, diversifying our experience at the cinema and bringing new ideas, fresh artistic approaches to stories that when stripped bare are really quite similar. This is the weakest link in their three-film effort so far, paling mightily in comparison to the audacious masterpiece Batman v Superman, and it lacks the grace and powerful visuals, but mostly direction of the still very flawed Man of Steel. But this isn't about Superman, nor is it about Batman. It's a ragtag team of minor characters within the DC universe shoved into an ensemble, not the all powerful gods we're used to seeing. I'm not excusing the shitty mechanics in this, it ought to have been polished and fixed in production. B-level heroes in a B-movie, this is hopefully a clumsy first stagger into a more adventurous superhero cinematic landscape.

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