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  • Interstellar



    There are singular moments, plotted deftly in the opening act of Interstellar, that mean nothing at the time; merely a motion or an action that can be disregarded straight afterwards. But they’re not completely forgotten. 

    Chris Nolan throws us into a world with no context. It’s Kubrickian-esque: he presents us with a scenario and we just have to accept everything that is shown to us. It’s like a shadow. He conceals information - letting us ponder on its meaning, speculating its place…

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    A bittersweet finale. A build up of 18 years. 18 years has passed since Jesse and Celine locked eyes on that train, a unfamiliar sensation surging through their body. They were young and foolish. We’ve watched them grow; first, into 30-year olds, unsatisfied with their lives; and secondly, into 40-year olds, together at last but without a true feeling of completeness. Before Midnight is a flawless snapshot of Jesse and Celine’s life, 9 years on from the last film. Great…

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  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


    Jacque Demy’s exhilarating, non-stop musical masterpiece is a delightfully sharp, stylish and elegant film. I went in completely blind and was obviously shocked that this was a whole sung-through, melancholic mesh of love, loss, innocence and beauty. Nevertheless, I went through the entire film with an elevated smile on my face - to say it went from ear-to-ear is not as hyperbolic as you may think. The motifs are quietly haunting, but extremely memorable, and I’ve been listening to the…

  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    I will never understand people who claim this as merely mediocre. Lost in Translation stunningly captures the fleeting passion of love and what it means to have a pure connection with another. Two people - both stranded in their own lonely gloom and detachment from the world - find solace in their unorthodox relationship. Coppola’s marvellous direction captures a beautiful portrait of the human condition, and how landscapes of an urban world and melancholic emotions can shape this. The cinematography is…

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  • Whiplash



    Unrelenting tension throughout, Chazelle’s Whiplash is a fine achievement in character based work. There’s a certain pace to the film that feels so fresh and invigorating. The mimesis cannot be overlooked - it’s not by chance that a film about drumming is so quick paced in its editing and structure. Scenes cascade together; every moment is individually engrossing and breathtaking. The music sequences are handled so well, in particular. The fluidity in the camera movement coupled with the free flowing…

  • Up



    Few things to address: 
    1) Today is my birthday; Up is a heartwarming favourite of mine, hence the watch. 

    2) I’d like to apologise for my review in March where I called The Incredibles the best Pixar film. I am eager to admit that I am in fact very wrong. Up is a masterpiece and a beautiful, beautiful work of art. 

    3) I’ve never been more emotionally connected to Giacchino’s score and the overall story as a whole. Opening 10…