Rogue Warfare: The Hunt

Rogue Warfare: The Hunt โ˜…

Second installment in the Rogue Warfare Trilogy, let's fucking go, troops!

I hope you don't mind my spoiling parts of the Rogue ๐Ÿ‘ Warfare ๐Ÿ‘ Trilogy ๐Ÿ‘ but this one goes full youtuber inside-joke meme status with even worse acting (every line is an emotionless 'They Got T' out of some of these guys), a sun delirious Will Yun Lee holding up a twig cross because war is hell, "President" is shown hanging out with his horse all "oh man, they have our guy? That's too bad. Gee! Well, pffft, keep me posted. Go troops!" And Chris Mulkey obviously doesn't care either, no one does. "Aye aye sir, ay, guys, we're gonna go back outside and shoot the same fake Taliban guys some more." The bad guy, "Supreme Leader" they just call him, drops his accent halfway into it. I mean, look, it's grown men plus woman acting out some Hideo Kojima milsim fantasies and the entire thing feels like if the Army started doing their own versions of Lifetime movies. Will Yun Lee does his best impression of a dude going mad from being a war prisoner but it seems like they're feeding him well, honestly. He brings the majority of the humor with his improv chops, which I shouldn't have to say is me being sarcastic but it occurs to me that he actually was doing more grunting in this than in his voiceover work for Sleeping Dogs. If you want to take the craft of acting seriously, you should see this movie and just... listen to them, just watch how they move, their body language, really study how fucking awful everyone is in this.