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  • The Last Winter

    The Last Winter


    A solid Lovecraft lite that features a few notable performances, chief among them being Ron Pearlman's salty oil man, and some nice sublime moments, especially the ending. Has a bleakness to it owing to the themes of global warming and the end of winter as a concept. It's a better-than-average Lovecraftian horror film, like a low budget, higher-concept version of THE THING (1982) that punches above its weight.

    A solid film that I'd recommend to Lovecraft fans, and those who like their horror cold, bleak, and a little too close to home.

  • The Corridor

    The Corridor


    A forgettable Lovecraft Lite that doesn't justify its own existence with any new ideas whatsoever. Not unwatchable, but it's very derivative.

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  • Necronomicon



    A silly 4 in-one Lovecraft film that leans into the Yuzna/Gordon style of Comic-booky horror, like a Lovecraftian CREEPSHOW (1982). Not unwatchable, but a little forgettable. The best part is the wraparound story, where Jeffrey Combs plays a deranged version of Lovecraft himself, who's entangled in a very familiar story.

    Recommended to Lovecraft fans, and anyone interested in his films. Even if you're not much for horror, it's played for laughs enough that you'll still enjoy it.

  • Daniel Isn't Real

    Daniel Isn't Real


    A creepy little film that doesn't push enough buttons to really make it memorable, even though a couple of images in it might stick with you. Especially the ending, which despite a bit of a special effects failure, still works as a creepy way to close out the film.

    I'd call it a solid thriller with some horror elements. Kind of reminded me of a teenage version of HEREDITARY (2018), but without the teeth. Still a solid movie, but I don't really have any reason to recommend it. But if it's on your favourite streaming service, there's no reason to avoid it.