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  • Kikujiro


    Kitano's humor is simple, somewhat childish and often improvised, but thanks to the typical editing and his superb comical body language it works wonders. The dramatic climax is beautiful, the overarching atmosphere relaxing. And what truly lifts the entire film above itself is Hisaishi's superb soundtrack. Kikujiro no Natsu is a lovely little road movie that I can recommend wholeheartedly to everyone willing to have a try. It's not my favorite Kitano, but that's just because he's made so many good films to choose from.

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  • Mainichi ga natsuyasumi

    Mainichi ga natsuyasumi

    Light drama from Shusuke Kaneko. The film starts off like a somewhat simple and predictable family drama, but the second half has quite a few poignant moments that added a bit more depth than I initially gave it credit for. It's certainly a very easy film to dream away to, which makes it true to its title.

    The Rinkaiji family looks like your average happy, suburban family, but as is often the case, drama hides behind their happy front. When…

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  • The Clone Returns Home

    The Clone Returns Home

    The Clone Returns Home is one of the most impressive dramatic films I've seen in a long time. If you're looking for clear-cut answers or simple plot progression this is not a film for you. If you're looking for action or sentimental drama, stay clear. But when you're in for a prime example of Japanese drama set to a sci-fi background you're in for a real big treat. It lingers, it surprises, it impresses, and it'll leave you in a daze. Absolutely stunning stuff, definitely recommended.

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  • The Day of Destruction

    The Day of Destruction


    Personally, I'm glad Toyoda is back to his rawer, more punk self. The Day of Destruction reminded me a lot of Toyoda's Blood of Rebirth and I think the two would make for an interesting back-to-back screening. The film is probably a little niche and it's not going to draw the same crowds as Blue Spring did, but true Toyoda fans are sure to have a blast with this one. It's raw, primordial and unfiltered emotion, an audiovisual experience that…