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    It’s just Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson, I don’t...

    Anyway — absence/brevity in writing has been due to a personal incident. I’ve left my identity purposely anonymous for reasons like these. This year has come off to a weird start for me but I can only hope it doesn’t get much worse from here. I’ll be better by next week. Take care everyone.

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    Queen & Slim


    “Pictures aren’t just about vanity, they’re proof of your existence”

    This is rich in its power, its themes, and its imagery. Emotionally connecting and fearful and intense, yet beautiful, touching, and almost breathtaking. Each scene feels weakening with a beautiful score keeping these profound mixtures of emotions immersed into the film. Each scenes feels like a depiction of the culture and of reality, yet feels stylized in a way that we feel simultaneous liberation and suffocation of the characters. From the way…

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  • Mulan



    This was extremely basic.

    There’s not much to say. The colors, the set-up, and the cinematography were fine. The writing, the pacing, and the line-deliveries, well, weren’t. Compared to the original animated film, it’s practically nothing. I expected something that wasn’t going to be very good, and that’s pretty much what happened. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse.

    Was Mulan (2020) worthy of $30? No — Disney needs a sleep button.