Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

Part of Scavenger Hunt 17 - August 2016
Film #22 - Task #7: A singer (someone who is famous for their singing career) is acting in this film, which is not a musical.

I'm done.
I was so excited when this movie was announced. I was excited when they announced the cast. I was so fucking hyped when the Trailer ran in my cinema (I mostly don't watch them on youtube, so it was the first time I saw it).
I lost most hope when the reviews came. And came.... and came.

First I thought, hey, maybe it's still entertaining, maybe the critics aren't into this kind of movie. I'm as well not into this kind of movie. Bad ones.

Suicide Squad is such a simple, but awesome concept. Bad guys teaming up and kicking ass. Bad guys controlled by the government. Bad guys that want to get out of prison again so they do what they're told to do or else the bad guys die. Did I already mention that they're bad guys, because I think this movie didn't mention it enough.

But really, this movie starts fucking stupid from the first second on. Instead of actually showing us what these characters are able to do in action, we get a voice over exposition for everyone and that's basically it. You don't get much more, or if you get more character it's in the last minutes before the final fight.
Will Smith is basically Will Smith, Killer Croc is just a glorified muscle, Slipknot has less than a minute of screen time, Rick Flag could have gotten more character at the end of the movie, but they didn't pull the trigger, Jai Courtney is the fucking best thing ever, El Diablo is allright, I guess. Margot Robie nailed it, though and gave a great Harley Quinn.
Those 7 minutes of Jared Leto were confusing, ridiculous and just fucking retarded. What is he? A mob boss? Strip Club owner? A goddamn idiot who tattos damaged on his forehead and a laughing mouth on his hand? What was that? Why does this exist? Okay, I'm not really into comparing him to Ledger, but what I got from his performance was one half trying to imitate Ledger and the other trying to get something different so he doesn't get compared with him too much.
What I also want to add is his relationship to Harley. It's portrayed absolutely wrong. Joker treats her as a tool to get what he wants. He throws her a bone here or there but she doesn't mean anything to him. Here, he's in love with her and seem like he can't live without her. It's not the Harley-Joker relationship that I remember and what made them special. Maybe I'm in the minority but Joker treating her like shit added something to Harley's and Joker's characters. Now it's just another Bad guy and his girl.

The tone of this movie is all over the place. First we have this funand lighthearted thing, that actually was entertaining, but suddenly 20 minutes into the movie it's APOCALYPSE, WORLD DESTRUCTION, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO DIE!
It's boring. It's lame and it's overdone. Especially if the villain is as one dimensional as a piece of paper.

Another thing I hated was the music. Using popular songs from the last 40 years doesn't make a good soundtrack. Music should add something to your movie, not just sell your soundtrack. Eminem, Rolling Stones, Queen - It's all there and never fits anything.

Like the music, the editing is also totally confusing. Early Joker flashbacks look like some light show and have a really weird filter.
Action scenes are weirdly cut and messy, jump from one guy to the next just to remind us they're still there.

Suicide Squad is the next DCU disaster and I really wanted this to succeed. Something needs to change at Warner Brothers. Fast.

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