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  • Streets of Fire

    Streets of Fire


    This movie whips

  • Street Fighter

    Street Fighter


    I have a theory about current movie viewing standards. Watching notoriously bad movies with contemporary eyes does not work, because all movies are trash now. I had never seen the Street Fighter film before last night, and it seemed like a completely normal movie to me. 

    Everyone rightfully talks about how cool it is that Raul Julia gave an inspired performance in this fucking dumb as shit movie, but I dont see as many people talk about how Ming-Na Wen…

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  • The Devils

    The Devils


    Ok i can see why this caused a stir at the time but its really not that weird anymore. Just give people the movie with the orgy scene, who cares. 

    I dont actually know anything about the history of why this movie is hard to get a hold of but its because it was weird, right?

    I watched this and hagazussa on the same day for some reason. I dont think i really knew what i was doing.

  • Rampage



    Ok time to write another one of these!

    This is definitely a movie for people my age who have kids. I do not have kids but i do like wacky bullshit, so this movie is very good, for me.  

    They have the monkey telling some off color jokes with sign language and they are always really good. And they dont overdo it. 

    The rock’s character is one of those mean guys who only likes animals. I cant remember what…