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  • The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse


    “I wish to make one more film about the end of the world and then I am done with making films.”

    The Turin Horse, Béla Tarr‘s last film, is perhaps his most radical and challenging work, even more arduous than sitting through the seven-plus hours of Satantango. I remembered watching it the first time under a big screen in a theater back in 2011, it’s my first experience with Tarr, and I recalled vividly how sleepy I was throughout the…

  • Damnation



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    Damnation is the beginning of the true artistic phase of Béla Tarr, it separates from his early ‘loquacious’ pseudo-documentary social realism by being a moody, atmospheric piece of art. Frankly, the plot is fundamentally a crime/noir story about betrayal, but it really doesn’t matter at all since it’s the slow camera movement, often static or moving independently of the characters, that really draws us into the immersive space Tarr created. By collaborating with novelist László…

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  • Waterloo Bridge

    Waterloo Bridge


    I really like Mae Clarke and Douglass Montgomery in the leads here, their performance is equally great, if not better, than the 1940’s Vivien Leigh and Robert Taylor, but their younger age suits better in this tragic romance between two lovers against class and social barriers, and reflects a stronger level of incapability and fatalism. It’s a very fine love story, but a musical score would be much welcome.

  • Boo



    A parody comprised of clips from horror films (mainly Dracula and Frankenstein) with extremely boorish verbal humor. It tries to ridicule the genre but only humiliates itself.

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


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    The Rearward View of Life

    Near the end of the film Yi Yi, there is a funeral, the little boy Yang-Yang (Jonathan Chang) reads out the letter he wrote for his deceased grandma (Ruyun Tang), saying he would like to be a person of showing stuff others don't see, and now when he sees his baby cousin, he would feel old too. Every time when…

  • Shoplifters



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    A summation of Koreeda’s works. Abandoned children in Nobody Knows (2004); slice of family life in Still Walking (2008) and Our Little Sister (2015); parenthood without blood ties in Like Father, Like Son (2013); the dissolution of traditional family relationship, from society detachment in Distance (2001) to failure of fatherhood in After the Storm (2016); and the crime of the marginalized people in The Third Murder (2017), all interwoven into Shoplifters. It…