• Trainspotting



    Very funny and well written with interesting characters. Very entertainingly acted. Interesting editing, has a great pace. Cool soundtrack. I really enjoy all the wacky practical stuff that's done involving a carpet and a room that gets larger etc. Good to finally learn what Ewan McGregor was doing in that toilet.

    If this film was stuck in bed freaking out with major heroin withdrawal problems I'd probably see if giving it some crackers would help.

  • Rambo III

    Rambo III


    Kind of just the second one but in a desert instead of a jungle. One notch less good than the last one in terms of story, since the real villain of the film is just another Russian whereas the more layered story in part two was a bit more interesting. The first half is probably less good but there's a scene involving a bow in a cave that's a better action scene than anything in part two.

    If this film…

  • The Father

    The Father


    A really interesting story that engagingly varies from nasty to funny to sad to scary throughout. Remarkably well acted. Great soundtrack. Good use of production design to help tell the story, and using a set other than a real flat allows for some really cool lighting/shots.

    I'd make sure to remember to buy crackers for this film once it goes to bed, even if it keeps saying it doesn't require help.

  • Nomadland



    Extremely immersive and captivating mixture of fiction and documentary. Very well shot, the two main actors are really great, a lot of well-crafted, emotionally poignant and socially resonant moments. Great soundtrack. Maybe a couple too many shots/scenes of pure atmosphere with not much happening.

    If this film was sleeping in bed in its van, I'd walk through the freezing cold snow to give it some crackers.

  • Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

    Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed


    I like the bit when the old man said 'damn bushes talkin to me again!'

    Would probably give the film a delicious Scooby snack instead of crackers in bed.

  • The Dry

    The Dry


    Very interesting locations, very great use of narrative sound design, good score, seeing rural Victoria shot so well and in that way was great. A sort of creepy unsettling tone is very nicely achieved from the beginning, and doesn't let up or let your attention slip until the mystery reveals itself. Personally found one of the two sides of the story in this to be more interesting and rewarding than the other, but still engaging.

    Would probably give this film a high score on TripAdvisor if it ate crackers in bed

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


    Extremely good locations, production design and overall visuals, bonus points for stop motion animation in a film where you were not expecting stop motion animation. However, the story and characters were found to be a bit weird and what happens to them sort of strange and contrived. The root premise of the relationships of the characters are interesting enough to make you watch from the beginning, but by the end of the film you're not really emotionally engaged with the…

  • Killing Them Softly

    Killing Them Softly


    Very cool cinematography, an engagingly immersive and tense atmosphere created by the dialogue, performances and editing. What really makes the film interesting is the economic themes and political backdrop of the story, which without those in mind probably would have just made it a standard gangster movie. Maybe a couple scenes could get cut down a bit, and some information for me wasn't entirely clear, but still quite good.

    I would probably tell this film no more crackers, before pulling it out of bed to start its day already.

  • The Elephant and the Butterfly

    The Elephant and the Butterfly


    Excellently written with fantastically naturalistic acting. Probably the most engagingly real child performance captured on film that I've seen. Provides such incredible insight into the lives of these people you've only known for two days, felt like I understood the whole history of their relationship immediately. Great detailed sets and locations. Brilliant music. Well edited and has a great pace to it. Beautiful ending. Loved it.

    Would probably cook an exquisite five star fish based dish for this film to also eat in bed, after it had finished the crackers.

  • Her



    Really well written, great dialogue that was very well acted too. It travels into ideas of divorce and relationships that are not portrayed nearly as interestingly in other films. Shot really well and fantastic production design, I wasn't expecting it to go that overboard in terms of creating such a visually interesting new future, but it added a lot to the film. One or two scenes towards the end that didn't quite add anything for me or that I didn't quite get.

    Would listen to the sound of this film eating crackers in bed on repeat through my future air pods.

  • Akira



    Ended up watching this twice in cinemas. Ridiculously good animation and music. Brilliant use of colour and light. Some unforgettable terrifying psychological moments, and some amazingly placed poignant and emotional moments too. Absolutely love the tense political backdrop of the film, adds so much to the story. The plot moves at such a pace that there's so much detail that you might only notice in a second viewing.

    Probably use my futuristic high powered motorcycle to drive this film anywhere it wanted to go after it ate crackers in bed.

  • Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad


    Wacky and silly. A few stupid moments that were so ridiculous and the extremely unique (but probably weird is a better word) storytelling, soundtrack, and style made it kind of enjoyable to laugh at. Main problem is there's a bunch of character building and weird backstory flashbacks that just doesn't really go anywhere, it takes about until halfway through before it actually becomes what you think its supposed to be, crazy parents trying to kill their children with nicolas cage…