Inception ★★★★

This has always been on the list of must watches for me so I'm glad I finally watched it. This felt different to me than a lot of other Nolan films because it feels very much like this is a personal story to him. Either way, I think it's executed very well. I like that instead of exposition dump, they throw you into the world an expect you to catch on. It's the 2+2 method that a lot of very good films are based on.

I liked a lot of the way that narratively, the story is framed. The editing here works for the film but maybe isn't as good as The Prestige, which I have just seen but for what it's worth, the stakes built in the final act are incredibly well shot and the editing in that particular sequence is very good.

I liked it, there are some parts where it really speeds up the narrative. I understand that it's a pretty long film but I think just a few supplementary scenes developing some side characters would've really helped understand everyone.