Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ★★

With a title as dumb as this I knew this was going to be schlock. 
Man I would of loved to have been in the board meeting that came up with this. 
“What’s popular right now?”
“Hmmm vampires.”
“Yes great. But with what can’t do teen romance that’s been done to death.”
“What about a president?”
“Yes excellent. How about Abraham and we can educate the kids too.”
“Great I’ll email all of the writers.”

Honestly who comes up with this? Like 20 minutes in it took that cheesy turn as I expected. Cause yeah just pouring silver on an axe makes oh vampire kill worthy. And catching an axe mid throw and redirecting it yes. Also fucking gun axe yes. Ngl shotgun axe from agents of shield is better but this works. Also I would of preferred more of a dynamic between Lincoln and Anthony. I seem like that cause that scene was set up it could of strengthed there relationship. Maybe this was before he got real popular 🤷🏻‍♂️. Also called young tony being a vampire from like his first big scene. This was the right kind of dumb 3/10 when do we get Lincoln vs predator?