A Page of Madness

A Page of Madness ★★★★★

I consider that there are great avant-garde silent films that contributed most to what we see today, some more remarkable than others, masters such as Eisentein and Murnau (the previous two with remarkable works, not as the only type of cinema made) perhaps are to me seem or the ones that come to mind first, geniuses and great contributors.

I recently visited on two occasions (because it really is very deserved) an atmosphere of a world where there is a disaggregation between reality and surrealism, that madhouse where we immerse ourselves in an aura of mystery, a staging of great perceptions made by Kinugasa and that has totally captivated me.

An approach towards the dark of society accompanied by the hand of the concierge of this center, who during the work of his work makes an initial tour showing us all that is deep inside, each human being carrying a world full of intrinsic fantasy and that they may be oblivious to their reality. His argument and why he is involved in this place is a very coherent construction, which is a great motivation to understand the course of what is to come.

A film that stands out with a unique disturbing tone, the one I want to have back today; wonderful sequences that accompany a story of multiple interpretations.

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