Brief Encounter

Brief Encounter ★★★★★

How many stories do train stations have? Can you imagine how many thoughts and dialogues occur daily? How many loves arise or how many hopes end? This film, in addition to being a great contribution to British cinema, is a beautiful love story that arose from something very unexpected.

After learning about the great and colossal Lawrence of Arabia [1962] film that followed the making of the review in question, I was very keen to get to know this work by David Lean, his fifth film. And today I had the opportunity to view it for the second time.

The adaptation of a play is one of the best romantic stories ever made. A title too coherent to its history and that manages to fit into two words a plot full of ups and downs. The narration elaborated mainly through flash-backs was a very well chosen resource, understanding the why of its initial scene and the desolate faces that its characters have with the development of the plot. It is rare to know the reasons for how an infidelity is so appropriately noticed, things that can only be achieved in this environment.

A film with an amazing use of black/white, in fact, it is one of the best seen by me in history. It's funny and I'll try to find out soon how that dim color of lighting was achieved. As the characters get closer to the lens, an increase in their reflection is achieved, demonstrating a closer proximity to our judging eye of their history. This is a very well-developed technical aspect that manages to make the viewer aware and participate in what we are about to experience.

Music, another detail of great romantic nuances elaborated by Rachmaninoff is indispensable as the main accompaniment and star of this frustrated love.

Everything in this movie is done and put at the right time, the secondary plot that occurs with the guard and the manager of the station shop helps us compare and determine what is happening with the two main characters. Surely a very good recommendation for anyone who wants to know this point of view about fleeting loves.

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