Boyhood ★★★★

Damn I do not know how to feel about this film. On one hand I’m pretty tired from watching this boy basically grow up in front of me. But on the other hand I am pretty underwhelmed by the ending. Maybe it’s because my viewing experience towards the end was a bit... let’s just say distracted by other people in the room. 

But wow this movie does rock pretty hard. My favorite types of films are the ones that leave me feeling pretty empty after I’ve seen them. Swiss Army Man made me feel like I want more buddies. Before Sunrise and Sunset desperately made me want to get a girlfriend. And Boyhood gave me the desire to appreciate the little things in life more. I think that’s the genius of the film. There’s really no structure. There’s an extremely loose plot. But this is a collection of moments. Some stick with you. And some don’t. In 10 years, what I remember from this movie will be completely different from what my friend remembers. With some other great films, everyone agrees that certain scenes are classic or badass. But with Boyhood, different moments will appeal to different people. And that’s life. Some moments are big. Some moments are small. Some are forgettable and others memorable. But the moments that stick will us will stick with us for the rest of our lives. And for that reason, Boyhood is pretty freaking great.

I guess I have no choice but to watch this again in like 10 years and see how much I’ve changed. And finally, I end this talk with the one thing that I know is on everyone’s minds:

How they hell did the kid end up so emo???????

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