Saint Maud

Saint Maud ★★★★

saint maud is short, sweet, and to-the-point. it wastes no time getting to a start, and no singular shot seems to last longer than 20 seconds. personally, i'm much more drawn to films with long takes and fewer cuts, so certain edits and scenes didn't always work for me, but there is some remarkable technical craft here which makes the film what it is. the camera glides and swirls around, and the score pulsates in the background, blending seamlessly with the sharp edits to create a consistently intoxicating atmosphere. the scenes at the party and in the bar are just perfection- easily the best editing of 2020 (if we're counting this as a 2020 film... idk)

i don't know exactly what i took away from it, since the story moved a little too quickly to allow for any thoughts to develop during the runtime. so instead, i'm left trying to piece together what this had to say, shuffling through a jumbled mess of individual scenes in my mind to find the right way to put it all together. it's more of an atmospheric film, driven by its performances and technical elements rather than the script itself. and that's okay!

also features some of the best jump scares that you could hope for, which is always a delight. it's unfortunate that i read so much about this and was constantly anticipating something crazy to happen, but the scares remained effective for the most part.

rose glass shows a lot of promise here, and i'll be certain to check out whatever she does next! plus morfydd clark AND jennider ehle KILLED it ohmygodddd. plus constant extreme lesbian sexual tension

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