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  • The Dig

    The Dig

    There was once a famous Penguin Classics version of β€œBeowulf” with an ancient image on the cover, an absolutely striking vision from a lost time. It’s an object from the most celebrated archeological dig in British history - burial mounds on a private estate excavated in the years surrounding WW2.
    Now Netflix has filmed the story of the dig, semi-faithfully, for release in January, and I’ve linked the background to the tale below.

    !!! SPOILER ALERT !!! ~ DO NOT…

  • Moscow Clad in Snow

    Moscow Clad in Snow

    πŸ””πŸŒ² ~ three songs ~ 🌲 πŸ””

    ~ youtu.be/XbcBAhH7uZY

    canada / lynn m. ~ youtu.be/a4GdvFpDVgQ

    nyc, for e. ~ youtu.be/Qe5e7Kt6WPs

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  • MΓ©nilmontant



    four films to take your breath away ~ 3

    Two sisters; a northern ballad making it’s way thru the Victorian world, taken up by a French symbolist poet, shadowed by Eisenstein & modernism, placed in the surroundings of Atget and Josef Sudek. That’s just the beginning of the astonishment contained (not even contained) by this film.


    youtu.be/kj2Kno5jTEo (2nd soundtrack)

  • Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-BlachΓ©

    Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-BlachΓ©


    TCM is finally bringing this doc on the pioneer director-producer Alice Guy to the channel over the next few weeks, along with several of her features & short films, and I recommend them to all. Alice was well enough known to have long had silent scholars researching and writing books about her, and an earlier Canadian Film Board bio already out there (youtu.be/zli0mysaUeU).

    In the late β€˜90s one of those scholars toured with a program of her films, which were intriguing,…