Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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This review may contain spoilers.

i could write a entire book about this movie. i could talk for it for days. i fucking love it and yes i know this is one of the most hated tarantino movies. 
this is my favorite and the best bromace in entire movie history in my opinion. and i mean it's leonardo dicaprio an brad pitt. ICONIC. talking about iconic... this entire movie is iconic. watching it is so authentic. you really think it's in the 60s which not a lot movies can do nowadays. what quentin tarantino movies does to me is insane i love this. calling him misogynistic because margot robbie didn't have a lot of lines is stupid. the focus was on other things not on sharon tate's story. so pls shut up.
this movies i unbelievably badass but like all tarantino movies at some point and i really dont know why, heartwarming. 
i love the scenes of brad pritt literally just driving, idc if anyone else hates it. the aesthetic counts. the ending is ofc the best thing about this entire 60s dream. i'm not talking about those scenes where "you keep me hanging" is playing and those fight scenes come in. even tho that one is so fucking iconic too and makes me laugh & shooks me like every other quentin tarantino movie. 
i'm talking about this scene where rick calls cliff a good friend while he's in the ambulance, that makes me cry like a bitch istg. 
AND this moment where i realize everytime that if things really went like that sharon tate would have survived. her friend that were with her would have survived and ofc and most importantly.. her baby would have survived. it really breaks my heart a lot. this movie touches my heart and makes me cry in a insanely way. anyways this one of my favorite movies ever. i recommend the book. thank you quentin tarantino.