Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

the first time i watched this, i’ll admit, i didn’t really like it. i wasn’t all that into film at the time and my first watch i was kinda bored to be honest. i mean at the time i was just getting into movies, i thought tarantino was the greatest director of all time for some reason and was barely starting to learn more about film. cut to 7(?)+ months after anddd i love it.

i could go on talking about what i love about this movie but the highlights for me are the performances, the style of the entire movie, how some scenes are built-up, the creativity poured into this. i understand why i didn’t like this before (and why this movie can be a turn off to some people), but i just fell in love with it today.

i only wanted to rewatch this because i’m going to hollywood tomorrow and felt like the movie might’ve idk??? feel more connected with hollywood LMFAO idk. i came out of this movie liberated because all the acclaim for this movie finally made sense and i ended up loving it.

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