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  • Through Night and Day

    Through Night and Day


    Painfully bad. Cringy as fuck.

    This came on Netflix and every Filipino is talking about Through Night and Day. So, I have come to give it a shot and for the record, I don't know what is the fuss all about. I feel bad for people who conclude crazily bad films a masterpiece or even worth watching for the second viewing.

    The first half of the film will drive you furious for both protagonists and makes you want to slap…

  • Soul



    Sinegang Weekly Pick #21 | rec. by Leo

    This made me rethink my life decisions. The release of this film is so fitting for me right now. I'm sure I'm gonna rewatch this film until I finally accept the fact that I should just simply live. Thank you, Leo. Thank you, Pixar.