She Never Died ★★★½

Lacey is going about her life and ends up saving a girl named Suzie from a group of traffickers on the Dark Net, and decides to hunt down the culprits. But it's safe to say that Lacey is different from the rest of us.

She Never Died is a sister sequel to 2015 sleeper hit He Never Died, starring a hilarious Henry Rollins and I would recommend you watch that too, although it isn't necessary to watch this. This movie stands on its own thanks to Olunike Adeliyi's stellar performance as Lacey, a badass with a deadpan sense of humor. The supporting cast does good as well, especially Kiana Maderia as the friendly Suzie.

The action is brutal and bloody and moves at a decent pace. The writing is pretty good and the story is cohesive enough and builds on the lore of the Never Died series (sounds like a good enough name) in subtle ways that isn't exposition after exposition and I respect that. I highly recommend you seek this out and check out the first one, He Never Died which I believe is on Netflix, which is a little bit better.

P.S. The ending of this stings a little more if you've watched He Never Died, and also adds intrigue as to who Lacey is throughout the story as well.