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  • Memento
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  • Inception
  • Dunkirk

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  • The Place Promised in Our Early Days


  • Gone Baby Gone


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  • The Place Promised in Our Early Days

    The Place Promised in Our Early Days


    The Place Promised in Our Early Days is Makoto Shinkai's feature and a lot of the themes, ambiance and styles that made him a big filmmaker later on are seen here, albeit in an unfinessed form.

    The themes of separatation, loneliness and parallel dimensions / states are prominent here, and one could be faulted for thinking this is essentially the same film as Your Name or Weathering With You.

    Whilst there's a lot of great stuff thats on display--from the…

  • Gone Baby Gone

    Gone Baby Gone

    Rewatched this a couple of days back, this time with my girlfriend. Always was impressed with the overall grim nature of the setting, the script and dialogue in this film.

    That subtle ending line about the doll's name really had been a kicker since I first watched it back in the day.

    Overall left me and my girlfriend having a somewhat heated discussion about what was the right thing to do.

Popular reviews

  • 1917



    1917 is an immersive war movie, not too dissimilar to Dunkirk. But in a lot of ways, it is very different from Dunkirk and both still manage to successfully bring about an immersive war movie portraying the horrors, thrill and camaraderie of war.

    Essentially a one-shot movie through the clever use of CGI, editing and set/camera design, 1917 tells the story of two World War 1 British soldiers tasked with delivering a message to another unit.

    Sets and locations somehow…

  • Jagat


    Jagat is a fantastic movie which showcases the talent of director, Shanjhey Kumar Perumal and its cast and crew. I haven't really seen many Malaysian-made film, but Jagat touches on a lot of things that Malaysian movies seem to avoid talking about in a way that hits hard and truthfully. The film tells of the plight of the poverty-stricken Indian communities of the early 90s and is a strong critic of the rigid and conservative Malaysian education system and society.…