Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Total blast to see this in the theater. It weirdly made me want to go to Vegas? And less weirdly buy a bunch of Black & Milds. The seemingly White Walker-influenced zombies are cool -- as are their animals -- and I honestly could have used ten more minutes to explore that aspect of things a little bit more. There's some character stuff that's planted and goes absolutely nowhere but whatever. Also not sure Snyder should have been his own DP. There's a focus thing he does in some medium/close shots that was really weird. I'm not sure if it was to make the Tig thing less noticeable or what.

Like everyone else I'm looking forward to more Bautista in anything. He and Ana de la Reguera had good chemistry even tho she should be married to me! Could have used Dillahunt going a little bigger but he's still great. Tig is fantastic and should be in every Snyder movie. Her performance fits into the movie really well and had I not been looking for the seams of how they added her in, I'm not sure I'd have noticed it. Hardwick and Schweighöfer and Castillo all elevated their gimmicks beyond their action archetypes. One of Snyder's best.

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