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  • Chicken Little

    Chicken Little


    I don't know why I repeatedly viewed the most boring films ever when I was young but here we are. I literally couldn't sit through this at any age

  • Joker



    I remember people saying that the protesting/rioting in this film is unrealistic and was started too quickly for it to be real.

    Now I turn on the news and every 3 days people in the US are breaking and burning new shit for whatever they believe in.

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  • Untitled DC Comics Film

    Untitled DC Comics Film

    Well done DC. You've found a director worse than Zack Snyder to direct your films

  • Mulan



    Am I the only one who was really shocked on how comparatively good this is to the rest of the Disney love action remake?

    Like yeah, the acting is really really horrible at points but like there's so many things they could've added that they didn't. They didn't make Will Smith into a little dragon sidekick, they didn't butcher the classic songs, they didn't butcher the original story. It's like it's not even a Mulan remake, like honestly there's almost…