Edward Scissorhands ★★★★★


So this is gonna sound weird, and maybe even have a little bit of "I'm not like the other kids my age" type shit.

But I really really relate to Edward in this film, more than I've ever to any other fictional character in my life.

I was born with a mental disorder which effects mainly my hands, I don't feel like saying what it is but throughout my life I've had trouble holding things, using forks, using pens and stuff like that. My condition is not a well known one and even when I explain it there's always a weird awkwardness. Having my condition has lead to stress, ridicule and a lot of other things in my life which has lead me to being a bit of a recluse most of my childhood. I'm still very young and for the past 4 years I've been doing my best to be social, but I'm a rather quiet person and I have trouble trying to socialize due to the fact that I don't have as much practice as everyone else. I have trouble articulating myself too and I feel deep shame in myself whenever I have to describe my condition to others sue to the large amount of ableism there is in the world that nobody likes to address.

So when I see Edward being picked on, I feel that so much. When he's called a talent, I feel that because I've done my best to avoid the physical world and know a lot about mathematics and other things that you can't see. When Edward is told that without his hands he'd be like everyone else, I REALLY feel that because that's a thought I've had a million and one times.

It's well known that Tim Burton has autism, and to me this is clearly an expression of his experience or something like that.

Such a beautiful film that everyone like me should watch